What Is “Optimal Brain Organization”?

The work at Brain Fit Academy is based on the Triune Brain Theory. This functional theory of brain development postulates that we have three levels of our brain, that have developed over time and now work together to guide our performance and behavior.

There are powerful relationships between the three levels. At Brain Fit, we are able to have more clarity about “where” we are stuck as well as have simple tools to create stronger connections between these levels.

Most learning programs address the processing of the top level only, the neocortex. Brain Fit Academy educates at a much deeper level, involving the more primitive levels of the brain that involve focus, emotional processing and self-regulation.

In our society today, focus and emotional support is often sought out through traditional talk therapy or medication. Brain Fit supports these areas by going back into development as well as addressing blocked emotional energy.

When feelings cannot be processed efficiently due to an underdeveloped foundation, emotional baggage is created. This baggage triggers us so we tend to react instead of respond effectively. This in turn, affects our ability to connect with others.

Using natural tools to re-organize the foundational systems, we are able to access higher level abilities to focus, communicate and make meaningful connections more easily.

Optimal Brain Organization is acknowledging all three levels and strengthening their connections. It can happen at any age.

With this comes confidence, empowerment, clarity, and joy.

Basic Brain Diagram