1:1 Sessions

Through individualized 1:1 sessions, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs are addressed. Movement based modalities are used as a way to move forward without the need of extensive talk therapy. Optimal Brain Organization, and Emotional Support are two areas of specialization.

Skills of empowerment are seamlessly woven into each session, including the life-long skills of goal setting and self-awareness. Guidance in developing these skills leads to self-trust and confidence. A practical movement based tool box of techniques is acquired throughout and used to maximize potential.

Brain Fit uses an educational, neuro-developmental approach. 

Sessions are in-person and take place at Pam’s home-based clinic located in Hopedale, MA.




(18 and Up)

Teens (15-17)

Brain Fit offers dynamic support for teens at a complex time of life. It is often difficult for this age group to talk about their needs and feelings. They simply feel lost and stuck. This shows up in daily tasks through difficulty with organization, navigating social demands, and transitions for example. Future planning is met with avoidance and procrastination.

Through the use of a powerful movement based toolbox of innovative methods, teens and young adults are supported in identifying and meeting their goals without the need to verbally communicate their feelings. Achieving independence and transitioning smoothly into adulthood is then possible with the natural Brain Fit program.

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Women (18 and Up)

Brain Fit offers services to women 18 and up through individual sessions and group classes making an empowered lifestyle possible. A pro-active approach to wellness is available for those who are experiencing emotional, cognitive and/or physical stress. Movement and energy-based tools naturally support adults to live in the moment, release emotional baggage, and find clarity and joy.

Many of my clients are moms who have become overwhelmed with the demands of the family and career. Using our mindful approach, they become grounded, allowing for a more peaceful home environment. With everyone feeling present, better collaboration and communication arises within the family, and a house once again becomes a home.

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