Testimonials from Professionals

After taking the Brain Fit Academy Brain Gym 101 class, I was most excited to explore what I learned in my classroom with my kindergarteners. As predicted, they loved the movements. As active learners, we dabble daily with Go Noodle and we have many scheduled and unscheduled movement breaks across the day. However, Brain Gym brought the awareness and the importance of setting goals in conjunction with the movements. It makes total sense, yet it was not yet part of our movement routine. I often said to my kindergarteners, “Let’s move! Our bodies and our brains need to move together to learn best.” That was true, however, to add a specific goal to our movement routine was even more effective. “The Dennison’s (founders of Brain Gym) arrived at a profound awareness: learning readiness can be cultivated through physical movement by “bringing together the thinking intelligences and the coordination of the body.” (Educate Your Brain, K. Brown, 2012). Now every time we begin Brain Gym or any other movement break, the kids take turns setting a goal for the class; we often end up with many goals! Thank you Brain Fit Academy!


Parents and professionals share their insights after taking a Brain Gym 101 Course.

I have been working as an Occupational Therapist in EI (Early Intervention) for 15 years. After taking the Brain Fit Primitive Reflex Integration course I immediately began implementing the techniques I learned with the infants and toddlers on my caseload. I noticed great responses all around. I am most impressed with how quickly the younger infants (3-5 months) with varying diagnoses (prematurity, traumatic births, torticollis, etc.) have responded and progressed during my sessions since I have begun using the Primitive Reflex Integration techniques in May. They are far less stressed, tolerating longer sessions; their movement patterns are more quickly becoming smooth and coordinated and they are more quickly progressing from being delayed in motor skill development to right on track. I am also noticing improved social interactions and vocalizations. In addition, I’m not as tired! Sessions don’t require as much physical assistance / heavy handling from me. As a therapist I feel refreshed both mentally and physically.


Parents and professionals share their insights after taking a Reflex Integration Course.

As a LMHC I believe Brain Fit Academy’s Primitive Reflex Integration: Getting to the Root Cause of Emotional and Behavioral Challenges should be a foundational course in all psychology graduate studies. The concept of primitive reflexes and the corresponding interventions taught by Brain Fit have supplemented my CBT approach, particularly with anxiety management, wonderfully. Parents, children, and teens all seem to have a clearer understanding of how their brains are wired and how that impacts their behaviors with compassion; they also express having fun practicing the techniques and exhibit enhanced confidence and hopefulness to reach their goals.


As a Paraprofessional it was so refreshing to attend the Brain Fit Academy Reflex Integration CEU training where we got up out of our seats and enjoyed some hands-on learning! I left feeling excited about having some new tools to work with my students.


Our children’s center has been working with Brain Fit Academy for several years now and have seen some impressive results. Our teachers have gained a lot of knowledge about integrating reflexes and applying Brain Gym exercises in the classroom. As the Director, I have seen improvements in both physical and emotional development of our children from infancy through preschool. Thank you Brain Fit!