Testimonials from Parents

We just had my son’s first parent teacher conference since attending Brain Fit. His teacher said that he has “everything going for him” and that he is doing wonderfully socially. I have to agree with her, he has been doing wonderful. He’s like a different kid! I asked him if he thought Brain Fit helped. His response was “Yes, they helped. I’m calm now.” WOW! His brother is doing really well too! He is calmer and the tics are gone. I’m so appreciative of what you all have done for my family. Thank you a million times over!


A parent of a 15 year old son with ADHD shares how Brain Fit differs from talk therapy.

We wanted to send you a note to share how our daughter has been this past week. We really can’t explain it (we know you can!) but she has been a completely different child.

On her own she has been making her bed, keeping her room clean, helping with the dishes, setting the table and helping to cook and prepare meals including her lunch for camp. Her focus, concentration has changed 100%. She completed her book reports and her timeline for school without a fuss. She has needed only 1 or 2 reminders to gather her camp items, going upstairs and bringing them down. In the past she would be up and down the stairs several times because she had forgotten something. There have been no issues with limited screen times and her eating choices have changed. We have also noticed a big difference in how she is standing in proximity to us and others. She is keeping a good distance, isn’t yelling in people’s ears and has not bumped, hit or stepped on us. We went to my in-laws house for a three hour meal and usually she is in the room every 5 minutes wanting to do something with us. She joined us for dinner and then played with her toys so nicely and had great eye contact saying goodbye when we left.


A mother talks about the positive changes she has seen in her 9 year old daughter since participating in Brain Fit.

A parent of an 11 year old son shares her experiences as to how Brain Fit has supported positive shifts regarding transitions, tantrums, homework, and communication.

From a Mom who took advantage of Brain Fit for herself:

I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel after my Emotion Code session yesterday. The internal anxiety I had going on was actually incapacitating me for days due to several issues that I had going on all at once. The anxiety is now gone!! I haven’t felt this relaxed / normal in a long time. Meeting the folks at Brain Fit last spring truly has been a blessing to our family.


A mother of an 11 year old son talks about how Brain Fit Academy has helped her son address behavioral challenges through brain development.