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Moving from Survival Mode to Learning Mode: A Back to School Learning Readiness Package

This timely and very needed package will support you and your child to be ready for the new school year.


Package includes:

  • A 1 Hour on-demand webinar covering powerful concepts about brain development
  • A signed copy of Pam Formosa’s book, Fraid Not: Empowering Kinds with Learning Differences
  • Four short, follow-along videos that kids and adults can do to set themselves up for focus, homework, sleep and emotional regulation
  • A powerful “I” chart to help set intentions
  • A spot on a live group Zoom Q&A event in September (date to be determined)


Your On-Demand Webinar will be available as soon as you register and receive your link!

Live group Zoom Q&A Event in September:
Date to Be Determined

Purchase and Pay Online — Moving from Survival Mode to Learning Mode

Please note that with this online purchase, you will receive:

  • Via your email —
    • A link to the on-demand webinar
    • Links to the 4 videos
    • An attachment for the “I” chart
  • A hardcopy of the book Fraid Not: Empowering Kids with Learning Differences
  • In September (date to be determined), you will receive an email invitation to the Zoom Q&A.
On-Demand Webinar - Moving from Survival Mode to Learning Mode
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